Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Check out DC GOP Giveaway...Excellent Earrings!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dog Days of Summer: Piedrastudio Giveaway

It's time for another Dog Days of Summer Giveaway! And while it's cooled down around DC a LOT, my mom assures me that's a miserable, steamy 108 in eastern NC yesterday! So what better way to beat the heat than to enter to win GORGEOUS earrings! *Or for those of you experiencing Lilly-online-sale anxiety or frustration, here's the cure!

On the quest for the perfect birthday gift for my best-friend (it's in October, but she's crazy picky so I tend to shop early) I found Piedrastudio on Etsy and fell in love! Some artisans make a few good pieces, but that's NOT the case in Piedrastudio where every single piece is to die for! Seriously, check it out and you'll see what I mean.

Talia, the designer is one gifted lady! Not only do I love her craftsmanship, but she lived in DC from high school to marriage, and we all know how I feel about my city. When she agreed to participate in this giveaway I was ecstatic!

Heck even her bio on Etsy is great. I LOVE finding out what inspires people to do things and that there are other women out there who look to jewelry to help stand out in conservative work places. I mean, being a fashionably memorable southern Republican lady can be tough work!
"As a child I would watch my grandmother dress for special occasions, completing every outfit with jewelry she had collected from around the world. As a teenager, her cast-offs became my treasures, and as a young professional in conservative offices, funky pieces distinguished me from the other women in dark suits. 

Years later, my mother and I would spend hours going through her jewelry box as she’d lovingly tell me the story behind each piece. I started making jewelry after she died – it became my creative and therapeutic outlet.
Today my passion for jewelry is fueled by a sense of history and memory, combined with a love of color, texture and design. My creations are the products of my ongoing quest for vintage and new materials that I bring together in unexpected ways – gold vermeil from India with pressed glass from Czechoslovakia, vintage filigree with Swarovski crystals, Lucite with gemstones…
While I design to complement today’s trends, it’s my hope that you will still be reaching for your piedra jewelry for years to come."

Here are just a few of my favorite pieces from the studio!

Tell me this wouldn't be perfect with nearly EVERY Lilly piece I own!

Pairing these with the necklace above... simply divine!

Talk about unique. These earrings are just so different from the standard stuff you see in stores or even online. 

The colors are so rich and vibrant. Totally gorgeous.

What wouldn't this pendant go with? From a t-shirt and jeans to a suit walking the halls of Congress, this simple necklace sparkles in all the right ways!

And now on to the giveaway... to make things more interesting it's going to be two-tiered. Meaning there will to be TWO winners!

Tier One:

Cornflower/ Gold vermeil filigree earrings with chalcedony

To Enter to win these earrings you must do BOTH of the following:

1) Sign up to follow the DC GOP Girl blog
2) "Like Piedrastudio" on Facebook

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