Saturday, August 17, 2013

School starts Monday

As I sit at my desk Friday reflecting over my week, I feel very blessed.  I have great ladies on my hall to work with this year, a wonderful new principal that treats me as a professional and a soothing classroom to work.  I am excited to welcome my new students.  I am working on my roll, writing name tags, and praying over each child.  I have a sense of peace this year.  Monday morning will come early but this is going to be a great year! 
I hope all teachers and students treasure this year and what it holds for us.  

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A day with my daughter

Today was our shopping day.  We started our little road trip at Starbucks.  Then off to South Park Mall.  We had a fantastic time.  The shops are amazing and such a wide variety. We were pleasantly surprised to find a Lilly store.  We always feel so at home in any Lilly store we find.  
My dream store was here as well.  Who wouldn't want to go to Hermes.  If I ever win the lottery, this store is mine.  
Tory Burch is always nice to pick up a pair of earrings, necklace or look for that perfect bag.  Kate Spade has the cutest bracelets and shoes.  Our day was full of little surprises.  

The fun quirky store, The Container Store was a great place to find many many things to get you organized.  That was way too fun. 

Where are some of your favorite places to shop ?

Monday, August 5, 2013

Shopping shopping shopping!

ISo excited to be taking a day to go shopping with my daughter.  Doing some last semester in college shopping.  Looking for special buys is always fun. 

Of course on our list is a stop by Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Lilly Pulitzer and Hermes.  The sacrifices a mother makes for her daughter is what brings joy to my heart.  
This is from our last shopping trip in charleston. Wonder what we will find?
She is such a blessing. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013


BYOD- Bring Your Own Device 

Classroom Photo
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Do you remember the days of pencils, paper, and worksheets? Those days are gone. In keeping up with today's standards, our district has adopted a "Bring your own device to school" policy. This is a great idea, but what about the student with no device. My students need devices!

My students are the sweetest children. They are from a rural community. Many come from a one parent family and are trying their best for their children. We are a Title l school. We are very good at being resourceful. This year we are struggling with budget cuts and trying to adopt common core standards. As we ask students to bring their on electronic devices, this will put a strain on our parents to accommodate. Our district is providing every class with a lap top. I'd like to provide them the opportunity to take a device home.

With common core advancing on our state rapidly, technology is a key component in making students successful. I am trying the concept of a flipped classroom. This is where students view the lesson at home, and then I can spend class time practicing the skill. Many times students get home and forget the skill and cannot practice it, or worse; practice it wrong. With QR codes, I can give them feedback and the skill they need at home with just a click. By allowing students to take a device home, they all are on an even playing field. I am giving them equal opportunities by requesting two mini iPads and two covers to protect them. These mini iPads can easily be rotated among the students and taken home when needed.

This project is very important in today's standards. Who doesn't have a phone, iPod, or,tablet? All students need access to technology. Even our textbooks are digital today. I feel all students need to have access to all forms of information. With technology, all sources are in one place. It won't just help one child, but future generations to come. « hide

Apple® iPad® mini Wi-Fi - tablet - iOS 6 - 16 GB - 7.9Best Buy for Business$329.991$329.99
Apple® iPad® mini Wi-Fi - tablet - iOS 6 - 16 GB - 7.9Best Buy for Business$329.991$329.99
Belkin Dot Cover with Stand - protective cover for web tabletBest Buy for Business$20.981$20.98
Griffin Survivor Military-Duty - protective case for web tabletBest Buy for Business$29.271$29.27
Vendor shipping charges$12.00
State sales tax$50.07
3rd party payment processing fee$10.65
Fulfillment labor & materials$30.00
Project cost excluding donation to support$812.95
Optional donation to support$143.46
Project cost including donation to support$956.41
Teacher's funded projects:
Students reached:
Oct 08, 2013
Project ID:

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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Craft project...Light House of Learning and Leadership

As mentioned in an earlier post, our school theme is light house of learning and leadership. I do buy store bought items, but it is always fun to add a personal touch when you make something.  This year I painted this light house.  It has tabs on it so,I can make it 3-D. It will go on my board our side my door to welcome and inspire students.  The light coming from  the top says " Let your light shine so other can see your great work". 

This the board in is taking more work than anticipated, so I had to get help.  My daughter has helped me since she was little. She very creative.  A fishing net goes over the entire board.  The light house on the left side so light shines out over top.  I hope it will last the year.  

What projects do you do for your classroom?