Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Vacation to the Cape

We decided to take our vacation of 2011 in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.   This was our charming cottage that we stayed in for the week.  Of course we instantly fell in love with the town.  We walked down to the boardwalk each evening and watch the boats come into the harbor.

As we walked each evening, we enjoyed the charming cape town.  The town was very kind and extremely helpful.

The houses were just amazing... We loved the homes that were tucked back in the alleys and hidden from view.  They had the right amount of privacy, but still had a yard and water view.

All the homes had fences.  I would love to have a paint store. haha They were all maintained so well...

The light houses were beautiful.  We drove to several of them and enjoyed each of the views.  Traffic was bad, so we did not get to see all that we wanted, but the ones that we did see were very unique.  

More to come in the next blog... Martha Vineyard was a treat. We really enjoyed touring the island and seeing all the beaches!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Lilly Pulitzer Days are Everyday...

I saw this sign on FB and had to copy it...It came from a Lilly store.  I am going to get my daughter to paint it for me and put it in my classroom.   Notice the KEEP CALM...this is what I will focus on with them.  For me the Lilly on will put the smile on my face and provide a private humor for teachers.

I am known for wearing Lilly Pulitzer everyday.  This is also the reason for the name of my blog: Lilly of the Beech.  Our school has Beech in its name.  As you can see in my previous blog I try to decorate with Lilly.  The kids don't understand the brand but LOVE the colors.

This sign will be my motto this year for my class.  Thanks to the Colorful Gator in Florida for posting the image! (and Re-lilly for the re post)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Getting ready for a Lilly Pulitzer school year...

As I enjoy my summer, I cannot help but think what can I add to my classroom this year.  I am known at my school as "Lilly" of the Beech.  My class room is done in Pink and Green with Lilly everywhere.  I am adding a few accessories to my collection.  First the plaques above are being made into table numbers.  I have four tables in my classroom, thus numbers 1-4 will be added and hung above the table.  On each table will be these buckets.  They have Lilly polka dots on them and hold pencils/pens with ribbons made by Royal-Ribbons-Personalized-ribbon-for-every-occasion.

The tins will sit on their tables to hold pens/pencils and scissors!
Over my desk are Lilly poms and I have made one into a light.  The Big Pink umbrella is a big hit with the kids.  Since our school has Beech in its name, my room fits the Lilly Pulitzer theme perfect.  Notice the curtains and rugs are "Lilly Like"...still searching for the real thing. I have actual science table this year, so I am currently looking for fabric to make table cloths! 
Of course kids love to see themselves, so with the help of my daughter, we mod podge Lilly Pulitzer frames.  I will sit these in the window and let the kids fill them for me. Next on the list is a stool for me to sit on.  BUT  I know the kids will take it from me. haha

This summer I was the winner of a fabulous Lilly package from re-lilly blog spot  Sue has the most wonderful giveaways and I never win. Imagine my surprise when I went to her page and saw this:
The winner of this prize package is..........
DRUM ROLL...............................WE HAD OVER 500 ENTRIES....................
CONGRATULATIONS TO JANICE! was used to select a winner!
Of course much of this will adorn my desk and the pencil will so be off limits to my students! I will hang the bulletin board up behind my desk and shall wear the ring everyday.  I am so excited for this package to come.
Thanks again Sue and Olivia for my goodies...checking the mail everyday.

Finally, with any classroom there are bulletin boards. My very creative daughter creates the ocean for me in the hall...

More to come as we craft more projects!