Monday, July 11, 2011

Lilly Pulitzer Days are Everyday...

I saw this sign on FB and had to copy it...It came from a Lilly store.  I am going to get my daughter to paint it for me and put it in my classroom.   Notice the KEEP CALM...this is what I will focus on with them.  For me the Lilly on will put the smile on my face and provide a private humor for teachers.

I am known for wearing Lilly Pulitzer everyday.  This is also the reason for the name of my blog: Lilly of the Beech.  Our school has Beech in its name.  As you can see in my previous blog I try to decorate with Lilly.  The kids don't understand the brand but LOVE the colors.

This sign will be my motto this year for my class.  Thanks to the Colorful Gator in Florida for posting the image! (and Re-lilly for the re post)

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