Thursday, July 17, 2008

Finished Painting!!!!!

After changing the paint color, we are finished! We did not know there are so many colors of white! My daughter wanted her room painted white. We go to Lowes and get white paint, come home and paint our first coat on Sunday. Monday morning it looked like a pale blue cement wall! So we go back to Lowes and buy our second color of "white". We paint our second coat of paint on Monday night. Tuesday we get up and she decide we need a third coat of paint because it does not look white enough. Last night we painted and finished our third and final coat of paint. I will spare you the details...lets just say that this week I am also taking a GT class and I have declared my daughter a neurotic perfectionist! (who needs to be medicated - and if my dear friend Lynn ever reads my blog, yes you did birth her. haha)

Her room looks great and will make a nice guest bedroom in two years when she is away at college. It is very classy and we are all pleased. Now the kitchen...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Summer Projects

Well summer is comming to an end, so must my projects. I started my bathroom back at christmas and I put the last accessory in place last night. (Yeah)

I started my kitchen project by buying new bar stools and a stove. Now to get new cabinets and counter tops. I think I may redesign the room not sure. This will be a major project hoped to be completed by Christmas. haha

But first I am going to buy paint to finish my daughter's room. She is working on a black and white room. We bought her a black bed a few months ago to start the project. This weekend we painted some furniture black and bought some decorative knobs. She buys accessories here and there so it will be a never ending project, but the idea is to get the painting done by next weekend. We are looking for Andy Whorol(sp?) pics for the wall and an art deco rug for the floor. Maybe we will get it done by the time she goes to college.

I am taking a class this week so this is going to be a challenge. Oh did I mentioned my husband wants to paint the front porch this week too! Anyone care to want to come over and help????

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Restful week

Well, I am home from road trips and now resting. It was fun driving and seeing the sights, but it is nice to be home. I enjoy resting and just hanging out with my daughter. I have started a diet this week with working out. I have been walking each evening and swimming. We will see how it goes. I'd like to loose 10 pounds before school starts. Dieting is too much to think about, so I am trying to eat normal, but just less. I have watched so many info commercials that I wish you could loose weight by just watching. I'd be 50 pounds lighter. haha. Atkins works, but then I have to give up carbs! boo. My friend Matt was trying to gain weight, I'd gladly share mine. If only it was that easy.