Sunday, July 13, 2008

Summer Projects

Well summer is comming to an end, so must my projects. I started my bathroom back at christmas and I put the last accessory in place last night. (Yeah)

I started my kitchen project by buying new bar stools and a stove. Now to get new cabinets and counter tops. I think I may redesign the room not sure. This will be a major project hoped to be completed by Christmas. haha

But first I am going to buy paint to finish my daughter's room. She is working on a black and white room. We bought her a black bed a few months ago to start the project. This weekend we painted some furniture black and bought some decorative knobs. She buys accessories here and there so it will be a never ending project, but the idea is to get the painting done by next weekend. We are looking for Andy Whorol(sp?) pics for the wall and an art deco rug for the floor. Maybe we will get it done by the time she goes to college.

I am taking a class this week so this is going to be a challenge. Oh did I mentioned my husband wants to paint the front porch this week too! Anyone care to want to come over and help????

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