Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Summer has officially started...

No more worries...That is my theme of the day.  My computer was down for a day; problem with router but now that is fixed.  First thing I did was check my email.  I have been waiting on my grade from an exam I took last week.  It came.  I actually made an A; good solid A.

It has been quite a few years since I have been back in school.  I take "educator" workshops every summer, but a legit college class is a different story.  Plus having my daughter laughing at me is not a big help.  The first day of class the professor announces he is not happy about having to cram 12 weeks of slides into 4 weeks, but for us not to worry he would get it all in. talk about intimidation.

Well 4 weeks later, I have done 6 discussions, 4 lesson plans and 1 transcription.  Did I mention that this is a Linguistic class, and I don't speak a foreign language.  I have traveled and I am accustomed to dialects and hearing different languages.  NOT the same.  Class was very is over and I made an A.

My summer has officially started!  I can read and relax.  We are taking a vacation up North.  Starting in Boston, then Sandwich Ma, and Martha Vineyard.  Of course lots of mini destinations in between.  My travel agent aka: daughter.  is mapping out all Lilly Pulitzer and Vineyard Vine Stores.  I am looking forward to riding the ferry and then riding bikes.  I will post lots of pictures when we return.

Now to enjoy my morning coffee and dream of those sunsets...


Suburban Princess said...

Congratulations on your A! Yay you!

Take me on your trip!!

Janice said...

Thanks! I wish we could meet up. Still working on that itinerary.