Saturday, August 3, 2013

Craft project...Light House of Learning and Leadership

As mentioned in an earlier post, our school theme is light house of learning and leadership. I do buy store bought items, but it is always fun to add a personal touch when you make something.  This year I painted this light house.  It has tabs on it so,I can make it 3-D. It will go on my board our side my door to welcome and inspire students.  The light coming from  the top says " Let your light shine so other can see your great work". 

This the board in is taking more work than anticipated, so I had to get help.  My daughter has helped me since she was little. She very creative.  A fishing net goes over the entire board.  The light house on the left side so light shines out over top.  I hope it will last the year.  

What projects do you do for your classroom? 

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