Sunday, November 7, 2010

A few idea for Christmas???

Starting my Christmas list and shopping...Wow what a list already! I would like to have my shopping done by Thanksgiving. In the past it would be done. My mom and I would go out and shop.  But this past year I lost her. Now I am just not in the mood. She was a great shopper and knew how to get that deal. She would shop from  morning until the stores closed. New York did not know what hit it.  She loved her grand children and bought out the stores for them.  Each grand child had their own special time...this year she will be missed.  I love you mom!

 I have done online shopping and it is very easy. That may be my way out this year.  I love Lilly Pulitzer and have quite a few stores that I order from.  Just place an order from Pink Sorbet this weekend. They were very helpful. Check them out on facebook:  

pink sorbet

Of course who does not LOVE Hermes!!!

Check our the Hermes LilkyPop handbag

Well if I order for my family from Pink sorbet and if I am lucky enough to get my Hermes handbag...what a Christmas it would be. NOT   All I want is my mom back. My family is thinking of skipping Christmas but we know mom would have a fit. So mom this is all for you. Bargains and all!  I LOVE YOU.


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