Sunday, September 29, 2013

New iPad means find new apps

Recently our new principal gave us a dream come true.  Our entire staff got new iPads. Now the search is on for apps. I am a big fan of freebies.  Haha.  What teacher does not like a free app.  Now if I find an extraordinary app for .99 I will take the plunge.  

These apps are kid tested , so far bug free, and common core friendly:

These apps are for elementary age students.  I teach 5th grade and they have approved of them. The favorite is math zombies.  

We begin cells this week, so I am anxious to see if it is helpful.  Kids like to play with it and the amebia app but the true test is the quiz!   Not shown is the socrative app.  LOVE it. Online quiz app that grades and emails you a spread sheet.  

My students using our Crome lab and taking a quiz on socrative!  They love it.  One young lady is testing it out on her tablet.  Works great.  I am very excited about our district using BYOD this year.  I am taking full advantage of this everyday.  

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