Saturday, January 25, 2014

The world of weddings...

You have the ring...what is next?  Bridesmaids are chosen plus one more. Wedding planning is in full swing...

Weddings can be fun when you are a guest, but what if you are the one planning it?   It takes a lot of work.  You must be very organized.   This is the best organizer! It has a place for everything.  

Let me recommend you set a time line and stick to it!


We went to a local bridal store to try on dresses.  It was fun but not successful.  We immediately made an appointment to have a dress fitted to perfection. I think every girl needs that in store experience to find what they don't want.  But the dress is the most important part of the wedding and what a girl dreams of, she must have.  So off to have it made. LuLakate in Charleston was amazing.  They can do anything.  Cannot wait to see my baby in her gown.  She will be Beautiful. 

Next up flowers, food, photographer...and a weekend in Charleston.

You have to relax.

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