Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A new edition to our family...

New Kitty In The House!

The past few months have been rough for our family.  We lost two of our pets.  My beautiful Tatum died all of a sudden without warning. She was very loved.  The chair she was in was bought specifically for her.  Yes she was spoiled like a child. 

A few week later my daughter childhood cat died.  She too was unexpected.  Both animals were not extremely old. 

Paisley was our very fat kitty.  We loved her very much.  She was the silent leader if the group.  We also have a German Shephard and chickens.  They all at one time have tried to run the cat around. She lays there and gives them the stare.  It is quite comical.  She and Tatum are missed.  

We have finally decided to get a new kitty.  She is spunky.  I think she will live up to Paisley.   Her name is Gigit.  

She is learning her new environment and how to jump.  She is won't be here long because her new home is with my daughter in her new house...so I will enjoy her while I can! 

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