Thursday, December 30, 2010

From Re-Lilly

This is the longest blog I have written and before I wrap it up with the giveaway I have to share one last thing that has kept me busy recently. One of my girlfriends recently started a new job and wanting to make a good impression she was determined to win the company's Ugly Sweater Contest. After much searching in thrift shops and online she was about to give up so I offered to make her a sweater. We came up with a theme, The Grinch, and decided to make it as obnoxious as possible so she would get noticed. 

We met at the craft store and picked out all the supplies. I took everything home and stayed up all night. My wonderful husband drove the sweater to her in the morning so I could get some sleep. I made a sweater that jingles and lights up and must be the most obnoxious sweater because she won 1st Place! I am so happy for her! She left her holiday party winning some great prizes like an Apple iPad and several gift certificates to her favorite local stores. 
A light bulb went off and I thought since I put so much effort into the sweater I should see if there are contests online that I could enter. After a few hours searching I found a contest and entered! I am embarrassing myself in the photo below hoping to win an iPad for my Dear Husband! I think he deserves one after giving me a trip to meet Lilly, putting up with our pink Christmas trees, my Lilly addiction and he went out the day after Christmas and bought four sets of pink Christmas lights for me so next year I can decorate our big tree in pink & green! Isn't he wonderful! If you think so please take a few quick seconds to use the links below the photo to vote for my Ugly Sweater Contest Entry!
Here is how to Vote: 2 easy steps~ Click this link to "Like" become a fan of the Sponsors Page: And then Click this Link to "Like" My Photo: 
I AM CURRENTLY TIED FOR 1ST PLACE & CAN USE ALL THE HELP I CAN GET! If you don't want to navigate away from this page you can right click the links and open the links in a new tab or new window!

Now for the GIVEAWAYS! 
I am giving away my pink Christmas Tree! The Giveaway is for Tree #3 with all the trimmings! Winner will receive the tree, 2 toppers (1 pink -shown- and a mini green star topper), decorative beads, assorted decorations shown  and some of our handmade Lilly ornaments. Winner will also receive assorted Lilly items. I received some duplicate Lilly gifts and I am Re-Lillying them to the winner!  Winner will receive a tree with wrapped gifts under it.....a belated Christmas in a box!
Winner will receive this tree as shown and wrapped Lilly presents to go under it!
1. MANDATORY: You must be a Re-Lilly Facebook FAN/"LIKE" Re-Lilly & a FOLLOWER of this Blog! Leave a comment with your suggestion for what I should wear to meet Lilly or share what you would wear (have worn) to meet Lilly for 1 ENTRY.
2. VOTE for my "Ugly Sweater" Contest and receive 5 ENTRIES! Just comment with Vote 1, Vote 2, etc.
3. Suggest a new name for this blog. Re-Lilly is kind of boring and the Facebook Page already has this name. This blog covers Re-Lilly topics  and beyond so I think it is time for a new name! Receive 1 ENTRY  for EACH name you suggest. If the name you suggest is chosen you will receive a special Lilly Gift from me TBD, it will be good and will have a Retail Value of $50 or more!
4. Receive 1 ENTRY for sharing this Giveaway on your blog (please post link in your comment) 
5. Receive 1 ENTRY for Tweeting this Giveaway(please post your Twitter name & link for your Tweet in your comment)
6. Receive 1 Entry for posting this Giveaway on Facebook.
7. Receive 5 EXTRA ENTRIES for anyone you recruit to vote for me in the Ugly Swaeter Contest!(Please list each entry as stated above and include the name of the person you got to vote).
Winner will be drawn on Wednesday, January 12th at 11:59 PM EST (after I return from FL) and will be selected using a random number generator ( Odds will depend on number of entries. Open to US Residents Only. PLEASE follow the rules to maximize your chances of winning. If you have any questions let me know.
Good Luck!
Happy New Year!
I hope you will jump over to Sue's blog and see the rest. She has the best blog and see her tree, ornaments, and her mini.  She is adorable...

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