Wednesday, February 8, 2012


This week in math I needed to teach coordinate graphs!  I am not that kind of teacher to stand in front of the classroom and teach.  I like for my students to explore and discover...AND discover they did.

What a fun week we have had with the following stations:

Station 1~ Grab the Candy Game: students toss two dice (one regular and one A-F) in this fun game that introduces students to coordinate graphing in the spaces. Students form a coordinate pair based on the dice toss and place a marker on that space, if possible. If the space holds a candy, they grab the candy for a quick five points
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Station 2~ High Five Game which takes the Gridlock Game to new heights as students create coordinate grid buildings. Students continue to place markers on the coordinates created by tossing two dice but in this game, they can pile markers (small cubes) on top of each other to create buildings. The first player to place a marker that creates a four-story building wins the game. Add the data collection exercise so that students analyze the probability of this 3-D experience.

Station 3~

These activities encourage students to color coordinate pairs to create pictures.

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Station 4~
6x6 game mat. Students use 2 regular dice to graph traditional coordinate pairs at intersections.
  • NOTE: Penguins pictured to the right were created by painting wooden clothespins and doll stands, both readily available at craft stores.

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