Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Flat Tire!

I wake up this morning to find a flat tire. Not a big deal! I have done this before. I get the air compressor and put air in the tire go to the station to get it plugged and that is where the trouble begins! They must think I am a dumb blond. All I need is a plug. First they tell me that I am going to have to wait two hours...NOT! Then I ask how much they charge. HA. The guy said the patch would be $25. YES...$25. I looked at him and told him he was crazy. I would go across the street to Advance Auto and buy my own kit and fix it myself. He looked at me like I was crazy. I grew up around cars, got my keys back and went home. After I examined it more, it ended up being the stem. It came loose, and I got the pliers and twisted it. Cased closed. I fixed my own tire. The place across from Publix is a rip off! Do not use them. Either they are expensive or they think they can take advantage of women. I would like to think they are just over priced. Local gas stations will put a plug in tires of $8-10. A friend even told me of someone doing it for free!


Matt said...

If you're talking about the Sunliner place, you're right, they are a rip-off. I tell everyone I know NOT to go to them. I'll go to Wal-mart for a oil change.

Janice said...

Yes! That is them. I went to Goodwrench and he told me a lady brought him a bill yesterday for an oil change that was over charged. She was in tears. I am passing the word too.