Friday, June 11, 2010

Back From "Lilly Land" King of Prussia

Even Tatum gets a Lilly surprise...a dog collar! :)

We arrive in KOP on Tuesday and got in line at 3:00. What an experience. We met some great ladies and had fun. This was our first trip, but for others you could tell they had done this many time. They had chair, beach blanket, and baskets of food. Some even had elaborate baskets of cheese, grapes and whine. We watched on group go through 5 bottles of whine in three hours. Now they were a hoot.

We got our numbers 175-175 and we were set, BUT it does not end there. No you have to get up and be in line at 4:00AM the next morning to wait in line again. The sale opens at 5AM! This is where the "fun" begins and the battle wounds are won. Let me tell you...Do NOT be fooled by little old ladies! They can fight with the best of them. I have scratches to prove it. At the sale, you have boxes. People grab for clothes. It was a site to behold. Funny actually to see what would probably be normally "sophisticated" women making fools of themselves. It was quite funny.

The trip was a success. After the day calmed. People sorted through their finds and gave us stuff they did not want. We made friends we some very nice people. Two such ladies took care of my daughter in line and to that I am very grateful.

Equal fun was the mall! We found out KOP was home to the 2nd largest mall and the largest mall on the eastern seaboard. WOW. We had a blast. There Lilly store was huge and had just as good of a sale. Much better shopping condition. haha. It was so nice. The stores were amazing. We were there 5 hours. I would love to fly back to come to the mall. If you are in King of Prussia...go to the mall.

Will we go back again...probably not. That is not my kind of shopping. Our Lilly store in the south...Pink Bee on Augusta Road in Greenville is Amazing. She had the same sales as they did in KOP. Just the as big of selection obviously.

So while we will always LOVE our experience and treasure our new friends, I think for now we will keep shopping Lilly at Pink Bee.

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Trish said...

I LOVE hearing about your experience!!! I was stuck in Atlantic City for work so I made it to the sale last Thursday evening, and it was not close to the extravaganza you and your sweet daughter witnessed! I can't believe the wine and picnics, that is hilarious! I'm so impressed with your goodies, wow you two did great! Isn't KOP Mall amazing? I could spend forever there too. My parents who live in DC come up every year and spend a weekend, and knock out all their Christmas shopping in one weekend. The hotels often have shuttles that will come meet you at the mall and haul your purchases back to your room for you! Glad you had a great trip! xoxox