Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Day to Honor Great Men....

Let me introduce you to the greatest man ever lived. My dad! You may say I am biased but that is ok. In the eyes of a child he is the greatest. We did it all. My father took time with his children. He made sure we knew he loved us. At one point he lived out of town for business but when he was home on the weekend, he was totally with us. We had a community park and we lived there. In the winter we went sledding. I think he got more frost bite than us. In the summer we flew kites and airplanes. We took trips all over the states. When I graduated college, he sent me to Australia and my brother to Japan. Were we spoiled, absolutely.  He said we were going to have life better than him.  I never worked in college. I worked for him in the summer, but because I wanted. And that was to be around daddy. 

This year will be a bitter sweet Father's day because my mom just passed away. We are going to try to make this special for daddy, but no one can do like mom!  Daddy may have spoiled us but mom was the woman behind the man! Literally!  On this special day while I honor my day and I am a daddy's girl, I will miss my mom.  I hope our meal is up to her standard. 

My husband is an amazing man who I love more today than when I married him. Our fathers set the standard for who we marry, but my husband more than met that standard. He is a man of God. God knew I needed a special man. A man that could care for me and help me through hard times.  My husband is/ was there for such a time as this.  My daughter will never find a man to meet her daddy's standards.  Her daddy has set the bar high.  We honor him today with prayer to God for such a man of wisdom that can look to our future and can take care of us and love us. He chooses us over time with friends and just spoils us trips of Lilly to KOP, takes us shopping and enjoys just us! Life is good in our household.

I hope you all have a wonder Father's Day with the men in your life. God has blessed us all.

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