Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Everyday is Lilly day down South!

National Wear Lilly Day

In the South we always wear our Lilly. It is kind of hard not to when all you have is Lilly. We even die our eggs in Lilly without getting any die on us! Amazing...

 Of course it helps to have a wonderful store in downtown Greenville that has great sales. Pink Bee on Augusta Road takes care of all our needs. She post on Facebook her sales and tweets upcoming events. Pink Bee

You can also follow her @pinkbeelovers!

What outfit is not complete without the murphy scarf?  So When National Lilly day rolls around on June 21. Yes we will all be wearing Lilly. Even our dog!

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Trish said...

Hi Janice! Thanks so much for linking up for Pink & Green Thursday! You and your daughter are so beautiful in your Lilly and I love that even your sweet puppy is sporting our favorite colors! I'm off to check out your scores from the Lilly sale! xoxo Happy weekend!!