Thursday, July 1, 2010

2000 + Uses for WD- 40

When I was growing up my mom always kept my dads can of rusted WD-40 in the house! Gross.  She used it for everything from opening jars to squeeky doors to rusted screws on toys.  Then on day I got blood on my favorite doll from where I fell. I cried and cried. So she said well lets get the WD-40. I remember being horrified. I told her I would keep the blood. But it got the blood out! As I got older, in high school I became quite the science qeek and could not figure why it worked!!! 

Well on twitter this morning another blogger ask how to get out an ink spot. Of course I was quick to say WD-40! LOL   Then I thought why not google it.  Guess what?  There is a web site.

Official List of 2000+ Uses for WD-40

It is great and you can even add your own uses that have worked.

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