Monday, July 5, 2010

Lilly Fall Satationary- Pre Order Now
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Lilly Pulitzer Large Agenda Book

Price: $24.50

What more can I say! We must all pre-order! I need the agenda, the water bottle, the lap top, and I wish I had the iPhone cover. I just bought a new blackberry so that is not happening. Maybe they will come up with a blackberry cover for us next spring?? Hint, hint.

Lilly Pulitzer Laptop Sleeve

Price: $36.50

Lilly Pulitzer Adult Water Bottles

Price: $18.50

I am so Lilly poor right now, I do not need to read another blog, facebook posting or see a Lilly store! I am trying to save for the Fall line. Have you seen it. OMG it is to die for.

Hope everyone is cooling in the favorite Lilly today. I am bumming in just a T, but it is a Lilly. That is my goal to wear Lilly every day! Cannot wait for yoga wear this Fall.

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