Friday, July 23, 2010

What a long HOT Week...

As I started my week cleaning carpets in what felt like 100 degree weather, I knew it was going to be a long week.  The summer for me is coming to an end. This is a short summer.  As our state voted for us to have a furlough, many teachers will head back early to get their classrooms ready. I am not any different.  I went to school Monday and got my carpets, rented a rug doctor and went to work.  Little did I know how HOT is was going to be.  Thank goodness my daughter was willing to help so it cut down tremendously on our time in the sun/heat.

  Tuesday we went back to school to put the rugs down and organize the desk.  I have my desk arranged in table with buckets in the middle. I have gone back and put table cloths on each group.  It looks really cute.  I have four groups of six kids.

This will be a Math/Science Center where students can work in groups.

In the hall my daughter worked on my bulletin board for me. I says Mrs. Tucker's Reef...

By the end of the week we were tired and slept until 10:00am on Friday! ha-ha.  I hope my students enjoy our beach themed room this year.  We have murals up, lanterns hanging from the ceiling and my desk has a grass skirt around it.  I have flip flops for a word wall.  I'll take more pictures and post after the 4 day furlough is over.  Our district will be shut down and the buildings closed.  Besides not being paid, it will be a nice break.  I would definitely over work.

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