Monday, January 30, 2012

In the Classroom...

While searching for activities this week in Math, I can across the perfect game for my students to play to help review for MAP testing next week...
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 I ran across a game that teaches area and perimeter. It was described by G. Sims "Husker" in her review of Dice in Dice on Amazon. She calls it the Real Estate Game. You will need Graph Paper and Colored Pencils. 1. Roll one dice in dice and use those numbers as the sides of the area of your land plot. 2. Draw the fence line around your plot. The fence line forms the perimeter of your plot. 3. Write the multiplication problem in your plot. 4. Color in your plot with a colored pencil. You will be coloring in the area of the plot. This game is played in pairs. When there is no more room to place your next plot of land, the game is over. The player with the most land area is the winner. You might also consider laminating a few grids and using dry erase markers instead of colored pencils and graph paper." Great idea.  

We have been playing this for two days, and they are still not finished!  They have strategized, plotted, and planned what is the best way to lay out the area on their grid. Then get excited if they roll a 1 x 4 on the dice.  I have to roll for them on occasion since I have the "magic touch".  It has been a great review lesson.               
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